Repair Process

Driven by Perfection

Complete process handling – from start to finish

Kudos Coatings Limited has significantly invested in its premises, in-house equipment, technology and repair services, ensuring each element of the repair process is stringently controlled, monitored and completed to the required standard.

Our team of technicians has experience of working on high-spec vehicles and alloys and understands the need for precision, perfect workmanship and methodical planning and preparation from the start of the process to its conclusion.



Before we start any alloy repair or refurbishment work, our technicians will ensure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned, sanded and prepared so that we achieve a perfect, factory standard finish.

1. Tyre removed
2. Wheel acid stripped to bare aluminium
3. Wheel wet blasted
4. Wheel masked up and plugged
5. Wheel out gassed ( to release any gas in the wheel)
6. Powder primer applied
7. Powder or high temp paint applied
8. Diamond cutting carried out if needed
9. Lacquer finish applied (Matt, or High gloss)
10. Wheel fitted to vehicle, customer collects
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