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A factory standard finish and colour

Alloys provide the finishing touch to a vehicle, transforming it from an average-looking motor, to a superbly finished car.  That’s why we put so much effort and skill into our repair and finishing services. Kudos Coatings aims to restore your alloy wheels back to their original condition.

Whether your alloys are finished in a robust, high performance powder coating, have a specialist diamond-cut appearance or customised colour finish, our BodyShop can professionally repair and transform your alloys to a very high standard.

With more new cars having diamond or laser cut alloy wheels with a high spec finish, repairs can sometimes be intricate, requiring a deeper level of expertise, quality of workmanship and specialist equipment. Kudos Coatings provides this level of support to leading car dealerships.

With specialist colour coding, we can finish your alloys to match your vehicle’s bodywork, or to another colour specification.  This will create an entirely bespoke appearance.

Colour Coding

Want to create an entirely unique look?  We can colour code your alloys so that they stand out.

Diamond Cut

Using our CNC lathe, we can repair and create a diamond cut, highly shined surface.

Powder Coating

Pick from a range of our powder coating finishes in a variety of colours and different styles.

Wheel Showcase
Wheel Showcase

From start to finish, find out how our highly skilled vehicle technicians handle the repair process – including surface blast cleaning, thorough preparation, intricate repairs, right through to the factory standard finish.

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Find out why Kudos Coatings is uniquely positioned and equipped to provide the highest quality alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services to UK dealerships.

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